Young PRofessionals

Our Young Professionals group is a gathering place for 23-30 year-olds who are single or married (and still without children), just out of university (undergrad) or college or getting the hang of their career.

Whether you’ve been walking with Christ for years or are just beginning to explore this whole Christianity thing, please join us! This group is for those navigating the unique opportunities and challenges associated with this stage of life as they seek to grow in relationship with Christ and others—and have some fun along the way. As we individually sift through major life decisions and the reality of what it means to fully follow Christ, we recognize the need for intentional community that supports, challenges, and encourages us to grow spiritually, and work together to impact London and beyond with the Gospel.

We are intentional about supporting, challenging and encouraging one another in community and conversation to live like Jesus as a transforming and life-giving presence in our families, communities and the world.

Meeting Times

Biweely Thursdays

We are kicking off the Young Pros bi-weekly Fall meetings on Thursday September 15!

For the Fall, we will be doing a Francis Chan study "Jesus' Farewell Message", then transitioning to the church-wide plan for the new year.

Here's a small description of the study:
Do you know Jesus? It’s one thing to know facts about him, but to experience his love, wisdom, and guidance in your life is what it means to follow him. On the night before he was crucified, Jesus invited his disciples into a deep relationship with the triune God—and his invitation stands for us too. In this 6-part series, Francis Chan dives into John 13–17, a passage rich in promises, commands, and eternal truths. He’ll remind us we aren’t called to a part-time faith—we were made to know, walk with, and commune with God.

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Dennis and Debbie Ensing

Dennis and Debbie have led the Young Professionals group for two years after previously leading the Young Adults group.
They share a passion for mentoring Young Professionals who are seeking to grow in relationship with Christ and others as they navigate the unique opportunities and challenges associated with this stage of life—and have some fun along the way!