North Park is pleased to offer an outstanding English as a Second Language program
to anyone who would like to learn English.

We focus on improving all four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) and offer three levels
( Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) with several different classes.
Classes have teachers as well as assistants and use small group methods where you will have a chance to speak and participate.
Courses use the Bible as the text for learning English.
Course materials have been designed by Gail Tiessen, Professor Emerita of TESOL at Providence Seminary in Winnipeg.
Gail started the TESOL program at Providence and has since trained thousands of ESL teachers who now serve around the world and in a variety of settings.
We do not offer transportation.  
Buses #25 and #34 get closest to North Park Fanshawe.
Classes are offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to adults and to students from Grade 7 and up.
If you have any questions,  please email

On summer break

On summer break

Material & Levels

Beginner Learners – Canadian Language Benchmarks 1-3

Develop English listening and speaking skills for everyday use through interaction
with the parable of The Good Samaritan.

Learners will focus on comprehending and discussing this well-known story and developing their language to tell their own story, to describe people and places, to give and follow directions, to ask for help appropriately, to visit a doctor, to buy and sell, and other practical language tasks.
Intermediate Learners – Canadian Language Benchmarks 3-4

Improve your English skills for everyday use through interaction with Joseph’s experience as described
in the in the Old Testament text of Genesis in The Life of Joseph.

Learners will not only explore the narrative of Joseph’s faithfulness to his God, but also improve their English listening and speaking skills through many interactive activities.
Intermediate Learners – Canadian Language Benchmarks 4-5

Improve your English skills for everyday use through interaction with texts  from
the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles about The Life of Peter.

Learners will not only explore the narrative of Peter’s relationship with Jesus but also improve their pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar for questioning, agreeing, disagreeing, giving an opinion and other language functions.
Advanced Learners – Canadian Language Benchmarks 6+

Enhance your ability to communicate in English through interaction with the life of Jesus Christ
in the Gospel of Luke in The Promised Saviour.

Learners will further develop their listening, speaking and reading skills not only through an engaging interaction with the text but also through using appropriate language for questioning, giving an opinion, disagreeing, agreeing, asking for help and other important language functions in everyday life.

Free Children's Program

Our children’s program is for the children of students and staff and is for ages 0-12 (up to Grade 6). These dynamic classes happen in several classrooms depending on enrolment. Each room uses age-appropriate curriculum that teaches core values and are biblically based.

Every Saturday morning the children engage in thought-provoking, fun, and diverse activities designed to help them learn more about the English language. Sharing a mixed-age, multicultural classroom allows children of diverse backgrounds and experiences to learn and help each other grow together.

We hope to have your children join our exciting program. See you there!

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