North Park is pleased to offer an outstanding English as a Second Language program
to adult and students (Grade 7 and up) who would like to learn English.

We focus on improving all four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)
and offer classes at three levels ( Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced).
Classes have teachers as well as assistants and use small group methods where you will have a chance to speak and participate.
Courses use the Bible as the text for learning English.
Course materials have been designed by Gail Tiessen, Professor Emerita of TESOL at Providence Seminary in Manitoba.
Gail started the TESOL program at Providence and has since trained thousands of ESL teachers who now serve around the world and in a variety of settings.
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Diego Sornoza

PhD student at University of Western Ontario
"ESL at North Park offers free online English courses! I love it because it focuses on pronunciation.
When I first arrived in Canada, I was so frustrated that even though I used the right words people seemed to not understand me easily.
Particularly the course called Focus on Pronunciation taught me why that happened."

Huy Vu

Online and in-person ESL student
“I had a tough time when I came to Canada four years ago with a little English. In the first year, I had experienced a lot of difficulties and challenges,
such as feeling lonely and isolated, finding it difficult to communicate with other people. I even wondered if I could adapt to the new life in Canada.
The ESL program held by The North Park Church helped me to break through these obstacles. Each year, in the spring and the fall, when I attended the class,
I could meet my teachers and classmates and practice English through excellent stories together on every Saturday.  
Consequently, I improved my English, understood Canadian culture, and gained my confidence. I always felt welcome by everyone,
and very comfortable with them; the atmosphere is always friendly and polite in these classes.”

Yonas Juhar

Online ESL student
“I joined North Park online ESL a few months before COVID (2020). I have journeyed with North Park ESL ever since.
Before these courses, my English pronunciation was not good; I also did not have the confidence to speak English.
Now I can talk and communicate with anyone in the English language. My pronunciation has also become better.
Therefore, I have a strong desire to continue with ESL in the future. Thank you very much for the lessons you gave me. God bless you all!”

Angela Garcia

Online and in-person ESL student
“I couldn't believe we were having these high-quality classes for free. The ESL lessons taught by North Park Church teachers are by far the best I have taken since being in Canada,
although they are designed and accessible for anyone anywhere in the world, through on-line classes.
The teachers meticulously taught the Bible passages respecting every word, the classes were prepared in such a way as to create a high level of engagement, making it very enjoyable.
Another important part of the classes is the ability to combine different skills such as reading, interpreting, listening, as well as pronunciation.
I particularly attended the sessions from September 2021 to June 2022 covering all the modules and experienced a significant improvement in the skills mentioned above.
The staff in general is very supportive and at the end of each lesson they send you the video so that you can continue practicing as you wish.
If I had to give an evaluation, it would be 10 out of 10, and of course I would invite all the people around the Globe who, like me, are looking to strengthen their English skills,
while enjoying learning about the Bible, to sign up! Thank you all for this wonderful experience.”

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