Every component of Adult Discipleship at North Park serves to help us accomplish our mission to “inspire, support, and mobilize one another to live like Jesus as a transforming and life-giving presence in our families, communities, and the world”. Jesus is continually calling us to grow in our faith that we may be able to be His hands and feet in the world, both locally and globally.

As you likely have discovered, there is not a “one size fits all” approach to discipleship. At North Park, we recognize that God has called each of us on a unique journey that will take different forms and approaches depending on the stages of life and situations in life we are currently walking through. In light of that, we offer many discipleship resources at North Park that engage people at various places in their walk of faith.

Going Deeper Guide

Two times a year, normally in early September and early January, we publish an extensive discipleship resource we call the “Going Deeper Guide”. This catalogue details the various discipleship opportunities offered at North Park, which are designed to equip people to live like Jesus at each stage of their lives. This is the “go-to” resource at North Park that highlights all the opportunities being offered to help you grow in faith!

Personal Reflection Exercise

The way we approach discipleship at North Park – with regards to the Going Deeper Guide and other opportunities – is strategically guided by our Personal Reflection Exercise. At North Park, we believe that there are six areas of life that we want to make sure we are growing in. Each and every discipleship resource that we offer is uniquely designed to help us grow in one or more of these areas. As we progress through every unique stage of life, God asks us to grow in different ways; the Personal Reflection Exercise is a tool that helps guide us through discipleship at each stage of our Christ journey.

You don’t need to journey alone!

This journey of discipleship is meant to be done in community with others. It is my hope that through your time at North Park, you will find very meaningful and enriching ways to grow in Christ with others! If at any time I can walk beside you in this journey, please connect with me at

I’d love to grow with you on this exciting pathway to becoming more like Christ!