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Youth Alpha Series Topics:

October 1 – Life: Is This It?
October 8 – Jesus: Who Is He?
October 15 – Cross: Why Did Jesus Die?
October 22 – Faith: How Can I Have Faith?
October 29 – Prayer: How and Why Do I Pray?
November 5 – Bible: Why and How Do I Read the Bible?
November 11-12 – Alpha Retreat (Offsite Location)
November 19 – Telling Others: How and Why Should I Tell Others?
November 26 – Healing: Does God Heal Today?
December 3 – Church: What About the Church?

High School students are welcome to join us this fall as we join other churches in London to go through the Youth Alpha Series! This series explores timeless questions about life, faith and God for a new generation, and offers compelling stories, images, questions, and discussion topics well spread throughout each episode to better engage youth, helping them think about how these issues relate to their lives.

Bring a friend and a list of those questions you’ve always wanted to ask, but weren’t sure how!

Sunday Mornings 10:45am at North Park in room 203.