World Tailors

Who are the World Tailors?

World Tailors is a group of amazing, courageous women who have come to Canada from around the world. They have come with their families from Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, South Korea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, India, Fiji, Burma, Thailand, Iraq, and Iran to find refuge and new hope in Canada.

At World Tailors we provide a place where women can feel safe and cared for. We help them learn about Canadian culture, teach them sewing, marketing, and banking skills, and practice conversational English. They make friendships and form a supportive community which staves off loneliness, isolation, and depression.

As well as a safe haven, World Tailors is a launching pad where women can gain skills and confidence to enter the workplace. Together they make beautiful high-quality aprons and market bags that they are proud to sell in retail stores as well as at special events.

We have just moved into a beautiful, 2000 square foot industrial suite at 30 Adelaide Street North. We are truly blessed to have this new home as we outgrew the workspace at 1750 Huron St. This is a big step forward for World Tailors and we look forward to all that the future holds.

If you would like to host a World Tailors house party or help at our sales events please contact us through our website.

There is always something happening at World Tailors! Visit to find out more.

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