Sermon Series Beginning October 20

There is nothing so compelling or attractive as a good story. Very seldom do children (or adults) say, “Tell me the facts.” They want a story. Stories by their nature are interesting. Discourse we tolerate, but stories grab our attention – they entertain, inform, motivate, authenticate and draw us in to a world that the author has created.

In the Bible we see that Jesus was a master storyteller. His parables are among some of the best known and most influential stories in history. Even those who have little knowledge or understanding of scripture or Jesus know about his stories or have encountered their impact in expressions like “prodigal” or “good Samaritan.” It is in the parables that the vitality, relevance and applicability of the teachings of Jesus are most evident.

Join us in October 2018 at North Park as we introduce a five-part teaching series on the stories of Jesus entitled: What’s the Big Idea? Leafing through the Parables of Jesus. These appealing stories will challenge and encourage you in the narrative of your life.