Saturday Service

Our Saturday service takes place at 6:30pm in the Auditorium. This is a more casual and contemporary service that includes an extended time of worship following the message.

Sunday Services

Sunday Service times in the Auditorium are 9:00 & 10:45am. These services are approximately 75 minutes in length and are energetic, contemporary and varied expressions of faith and worship for families and individuals who have grown up with music and language of our culture. There are also dynamic programs available for children from birth to grade 5 during these times.

There is 30 minutes between each service to allow and encourage time for nurturing relationships with one another over refreshments.

At 10:45am, we also offer a Traditional Service in the Theatre (There is no traditional service during the summer). The emphasis for this service is on a more traditional style of worship music with hymns and liturgical readings. The message is presented via video feed. It is usually about 70 minutes in length as well.

North Park’s Chinese Ministry meet in the Chapel at 10:45am.

At North Park, we believe that diversity of worship styles and formats are enriching to a community and can be used to draw many different generations into a meaningful connection with Jesus.

We invite you to try one of the different services available at North Park and be truly blessed by the experience.

Current Message Series 

Majoring on the Minors—Exploring the Writings of the Minor Prophets

By Paul McIlwraith, Teaching Pastor

The minor prophets comprise the last twelve books of the Old Testament of the Bible. They’re described as “minor” not because they’re less important than the books of the Major Prophets such as Isaiah and Jeremiah, but because they’re shorter in length. Most of them can easily be read in a single sitting.

The Minor Prophets dramatize the character of God as few other books of the Bible do. They highlight God’s authority, holiness, faithfulness and love. In the Minor Prophets, we hear the voice of God speaking to us in a fresh way as individuals and as members of his body, the church.

As well, the prophets’ indictment and warnings to the people who were turning from God set the stage for the dawning of the New Testament and the coming of Jesus.

This summer at North Park, we will open the pages of seven of these twelve books in our weekend services. We will explore what God was saying to his people through his chosen spokesperson as they navigated through a rather turbulent time in their history with God. Each week, we will also ponder what each prophet’s message means to us as we seek to live out our faith in our culture today.

Just as these seven books of the Minor Prophets are authored by seven different people with unique perspectives and insights, we are fortunate this summer to have five different members of our North Park preaching team delivering these weekly sermons. Paul McIlwraith will launch the series on the June 29/30 weekend with a look at the book of Hosea. Shane Simms will follow that on July 6/7, unpacking the key elements of Habakkuk. Paul will again be up for two weekends, leading with Obadiah on July 13/14 and Micah on July 20/21. Our Care Pastor, Trish Haq will preach on the book of Joel on the July 27/ 28 weekend, then to round out our series in August we first welcome one of our elders, Karen Bird, to guide us through Nahum and finally our Worship Pastor, Jordan Elgie, will conclude the series with a glimpse into the book of Amos.

Interspersed throughout the summer series, we will have a few “standalone” messages from our Lead Pastor, Matthew Eckert; Young Adults Director, Steve MacDouell; and a special guest from Lithuania, Pastor Saulius Karosas.

We invite you to join us for what promises to be a very intriguing summer at North Park. Come be encouraged by the diverse perspectives and personalities who will share God’s word and proclaim his good news to all. ­­­­­