Volunteer at North Park

Hundreds of volunteers every week take on numerous responsibilities at North Park to ensure that kids are cared for, youth are engaged with, coffee is served, people are greeted, money is counted, small groups are led, electives are taught, gardens are weeded, after school programs are run, events are launched, people are visited and prayed for, etc.

These opportunities require people with a wide range of gifts and personalities, allowing everyone to find a place of connection. The Bible is quite clear in its teaching regarding unique gifts given to each person for the benefit of the Church. It is the beauty of family, every person taking on some role so that everyone is blessed and feels a part of the entire “body” as the Bible refers to the church.

We want everyone to understand where the serving opportunities are so that everyone can find their place of service, using their gifts, and connect in a place that honours their personality. To help us in this, we have just launched a central place on our website and app that provides a list of volunteer opportunities by ministry area. Each opportunity has a brief explanation and a contact person for you to engage with to gain further understanding and take the next step.

Take some time to review what is taking place. First of all, as you look it over, you may be surprised by the many things that are taking place at North Park and have a better understanding of the breadth of ministries. Second, we are trusting that something will trigger your heart, that you will have a sense that you have a place to connect and that you will embrace it as a follower of Jesus and a participant of North Park.