The Story · Part III

In a very real sense, storytelling is what connects us to each other and our humanity. It is what links us to our past, and provides a bridge into our future. From the beginning, human beings have told stories.

But our own individual stories do not exist in isolation. We are part of a bigger story, God’s Story. That’s what the Bible is all about, it outlines God’s unfolding love affair with His creation, humanity, and the extreme measures He takes to rescue lost and hurting people.

The beginning of April marks the final installment of our church wide adventure through, The Story. In the last ten weeks of the series, we will be covering the story of Jesus, the church and the new garden, by looking specifically at:

  1. The Birth of a King
  2. Jesus’ Ministry Begins
  3. No Ordinary Man
  4. Jesus, the Son of Man
  5. The Hour of Darkness
  6. The Resurrection
  7. New Beginnings
  8. Paul’s Mission
  9. Paul’s Final Days
  10. The End of Time.

We want to continue to encourage you to read along with us in the book and to join us each week as we come to the exciting conclusion of our series.

The Story tells the grandest, most compelling saga of all of history. It is the story of the one true God, and how He so loved His children, that He established for them a way of salvation and provided a pathway for all eternity with Him.

You don’t want to miss a single week as we continue to see the way that our lower story is woven into God’s upper story and plan for our lives.