Sermon Series Beginning December 1

Gifts. Some of us spend a lot of time, energy and money trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone at Christmas. There is no greater joy than watching them unwrap the present and knowing that the effort was appreciated.

In the Christmas story described in the gospel of Matthew, the three Magi from the East arrived in Bethlehem bearing gifts for the newborn Saviour.  On the surface, they represented things of value – Gold; things of beauty and fragrance – Frankincense; and spices – Myrrh. Below the surface, they were symbolic of something deeper. It is obvious that a lot of time and thought went into choosing these very special presents.

Join us at North Park this Christmas season as we delve into the story of the Three Wise Men and how their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh foreshadowed what was to come for this baby Jesus, and the hope and good news that his life and death would bring for humanity.