Sermon Series Beginning January 5

If you had a chance to ask Jesus to teach you how to do something, what would you ask of him? It is interesting that in gospels, Jesus’ disciples could have asked him how to care for people. They could have asked him how to lead well. They could have asked him how to teach. They didn’t ask him any of those things. Instead, the only recorded discipline that Jesus’ disciples asked him to teach them is how to pray and so Jesus taught them a simple prayer that is recorded in both the gospel of Matthew and Luke.

This prayer was a wonderful gift from Jesus to us, his followers for three main reasons. First, it frees us from the anxiety of whether or not we are praying in a way that pleases God. Secondly, this prayer reveals the heart of God. Thirdly, it invites us into partnering with God in fulfilling His purposes on earth. The Lord’s prayer covers anything we could possibly need and imagine. The content of the Lord’s prayer is timeless. It looks to the past, it remembers the present and it longs for the future. This prayer has the potential to be able to remold our lives completely when we commit to saying and living it on a daily basis.

As we launch the new year at North Park, we invite you to join us for this exciting new message series on the Lord’s Prayer. As we explore the elements of this prayer more deeply, we will see that it not only reveals how to pray, but also how to live.