It is not always easy to anticipate the unique challenges that couples will face in bringing their two families together.

Communication challenges, divided loyalties, complicated step parent and step sibling roles, multiple homes, and complex extended family dynamics are not easy to navigate and can add an overwhelming amount of stress on marriages and families. At North Park, we want to provide the care and support needed for stepfamilies to thrive!

That is why we are committed to offering The Smart StepFamily Elective in order to provide opportunities to strengthen family relationships, build knowledge and skills that will help families heal and grow closer, and create opportunities to stepfamilies to connect and encourage one another. We also encourage families to take additional steps to build a great community of support around them.

Connect with a small group, find a spot to serve together as a family, or reach out to a member of our pastoral team to connect with additional support opportunities such as pastoral counseling, or referrals to professional counselors in London and the surrounding area.