Sermon Series Beginning September 7-8

In 2011, an internet television documentary series was launched entitled, A Day in the Life. It was an edited, 22-minute glimpse into what happens over the course of a single day for a particular individual. These individuals were usually notable people in the area of sports, the arts or politics. Although the series was short-lived, it did attract a certain interest level from an audience that was intrigued with the daily lives of celebrities.

If you were to select one person to follow around for a day to get a deeper insight into his/her life, whom would you choose? As Christians, many of us might choose Jesus.

We are fortunate that in the four Gospels of the Bible; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, we are invited to stroll alongside Jesus through the activity of his daily routine. It is interesting to note that much of Jesus’ teaching and significant encounters with people were not at pre-set appointments or scheduled meetings but during the course of regular day to day life “on the way.”

“On the way,” Jesus responded to people’s spiritual questions. He taught about the Kingdom of God. He healed people. He dropped in and shared a meal with someone and experienced true hospitality. He questioned what his followers believed. He challenged their faith. He had a word of rebuke for those who were rebellious. He even predicted his own death with his closest followers as he was walking and doing life with them “on the way.”

There is so much to be learned “on the way” when we live with a daily expectancy that Jesus is with us and our hearts are open to whatever he may have for us in the planned and unplanned, the exciting and more mundane moments of our day-to-day lives.

Join us this September as we launch a new ministry season at North Park with a teaching series entitled, On the Way. Encounters with Jesus in the day to day.” It promises to be a wonderful time for us to observe the manner in which Jesus engaged his followers in scripture, and be challenged by how he still desires our attention in our daily lives today.