Sermon Series Beginning February 16

Most of us know the feeling of receiving something important in the mail. Perhaps it was a letter delivered by snail mail that was marked “Urgent!” or an email marked “Very Important” in the subject line. If you have ever used a Blackberry, you know that “pinging” someone is a way to get their attention so you can send them a message you deem important.

Scattered throughout the Bible are important messages God wanted to convey to His people. Some are in the form of letters such as Romans, Ephesians and Galatians. Some are in the form of declarations by a chosen prophet at a particular time in history, such as Isaiah or Jeremiah. At the beginning of the New Testament book of Revelation are a series of important messages that God has for the churches of that time. They are not letters in the traditional sense for this era nor are they prophetic declarations as found in other places in the Bible. These are a mix between the two, like a prophetic oracle, or a “ping” from God.

The main message that God is conveying to these churches is that things are not always as they seem. Those in the church may have had a perspective of what was happening in their midst that was quite different from God’s perspective. He endeavours to infuse a dose of reality into their context through these personalized messages and, ultimately, grow their faith and draw them closer to Himself.

Plan on joining us for this message series in February 2019 and prepare to be challenged by this enlightening content in the book of Revelation. You may just discover that it is as true in the church today as it was in the early church: Things are not always as they seem.