Process for Membership

  1. Membership class: this class is offered twice a year at North Park. The class is called Knowing North Park and this 4-hour class allows people to get to know North Park. You are invited to take this course whether or not you have previously been a member of a church.

The topics covered throughout the 4 hours are (a take-home workbook is provided to attendees):

  • Why membership?
  • North Park’s History
  • What is Non-Denominational Status?
  • What is a Christian?
  • North Park’s Statement of Faith (The Bible, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Sin, Future)
  • North Park’s Guiding Principles (The Church, marriage, divorce, baptism, communion)
  • Vision, mission and values
  • Governance
  • Finances and Giving

In addition to these topics, we will hear from pastoral staff and the areas of ministry with which they are involved. Attendance at this class does not mean you have to become a member. It is simply an opportunity to get to know North Park and better understand its DNA.

  1. Application: Once you have completed the class, there is an application at the back of your workbook that you can submit to the church office at any time if you wish to proceed with membership.
  1. Conversation: Once the application is received, the admin staff will forward your application to the elder in charge of membership. An elder will contact you to set up a meeting at which time they will review your application, ask you further questions regarding your faith journey and explore why you wish to become a member. You will also have an opportunity to ask the elder(s) present any questions that may have come up for you since the class or since you submitted your application form.
  1. Recommendation: After the interview is completed and you are recommended for membership, the Elder Board will put forth a motion to accept you into membership. Once that approval goes through you will be informed that you have been accepted into membership. You will receive a letter confirming your membership and your name will be advertised in our monthly LINK newsletter. New member slides are also shown at weekend services for a number of weeks announcing new members.

For more information about membership, feel free to email and we would be happy to guide you through this process and answer any questions you may have.