marriage guidelines

See North Park Statement of Faith for what we believe marriage to be.

Wedding Coordinator

A member of our administrative staff will assist as a coordinator to work with you in preparation for your wedding. You will meet with the coordinator approximately three months before your actual wedding date. The coordinator will confirm the time and date of your wedding rehearsal if applicable and will also review the details of your wedding with you. Outside wedding coordinators are welcome and will work under the direction of the coordinator provided by North Park.

The following guidelines apply to weddings held on site at North Park Fanshawe.

Flowers & Decorations

All flowers and decorations must be removed immediately following the wedding ceremony and picture taking. The church does not store any wedding decorations or supply decor of any kind.
Votive or dripless candles may be used but must be in glass hurricane lamps. Flameless, battery-operated candles are preferred. In order to protect the finishings on the seating, altar, etc. plastic materials must be placed under all floral arrangements. Please be careful not to mar woodwork or damage any of the coverings in the Auditorium. Nails, staples, adhesives, etc., are not permitted.
Seating markers must be secured with padded signs.
Finally, since our Auditorium is continuously in use for worship services, we ask that existing facility decor and furniture not be altered or moved.

Photography and Videography

Photographs and videography should be taken in a way that does not disrupt the worship service. No flash photography should be used during the ceremony. All photos taken after the wedding ceremony must be completed within one hour following the conclusion of the ceremony. The church is only available for photographers on the day of your wedding, immediately before and after the ceremony. The church is not available for bridal portraits or engagement photographs. Please ensure that the people involved in videotaping and photographing your wedding are dressed appropriately for the wedding.


If applicable, your wedding rehearsal will be scheduled for one hour on the afternoon or evening before your wedding date. You must adhere to the scheduled start and end times since rehearsals are sometimes scheduled back-to-back. Your rehearsal day and time will be confirmed by your wedding coordinator/pastor. Your officiant/pastor will conduct your rehearsal. It is important that all members of your wedding party attend the rehearsal and arrive on time. If you have ushers in addition to groomsmen, please ask them to attend the rehearsal. Parents of the bride and groom are also encouraged to attend. Because time for the rehearsal is limited, vocalists and instrumentalists should contact the wedding coordinator to find an alternate rehearsal day and time. A sound technician will be available for a sound check one hour before the ceremony begins.