Do you want to make an eternal difference in someone’s life? Join the Preschool Team!
Our diverse team of volunteers are the backbone of Preschool Ministry. There are many ways to get involved!

Sunday Morning Opportunities: 

Summer Team
Are you wondering if Preschool Ministry is the right fit for you? Why not join us once a month this summer as a summer assistant, and try it out. With many of our regular team stepping back for a refreshing break over the summer, or away serving at various other summer ministries, we have lots of opportunities available for new people to step in and give Preschool Ministry a try.

Regular Program Staff
This core group of youth and adults commit to developing trust relationships with our children by actively participating in their classes on a consistent basis. They provide quality care and guidance to the children as they engage alongside them in activities prepared and led by Room Leaders.  The most rewarding relationships are developed by those who commit to serving at least 2x a month on a regular schedule.

Room Leaders
Preschool Room Leaders assume responsibility for the safety, program implementation, and overall experience of the children and staff in the room. Room Leaders must be a minimum of 18 yrs of age, and invest time during the week preparing for the weekend. They also engage more directly and frequently with the Director of Preschool Ministry, and the other Room Leaders who lead the same age level. Previous experience as a Regular Program Staff in Preschool Ministry is a definite asset, and is usually the first step towards Room Leadership.

Supply Staff
An essential part of the team, Preschool Supply Staff fill in for regular teammates who are unable to attend one of their scheduled sessions. Emails are sent to the entire supply team whenever positions open up for a weekend. Sometimes this happens weeks in advance: sometimes only days or hours. Supply staff only respond if they are able to fill one of the specific positions that has been advertised.

All those who serve in the above roles need to be familiar with our Preschool Staff Handbook

Click here to view the Preschool Staff Handbook

So many special moments take place during our classes. We want to capture them on camera! Skilled photographers help us do this, as they wander between our Preschool Classes, respectfully taking photos of our children and leaders engaged in program activities.

Note: Not all children may be photographed, so our photographers take extra care to honor parental permissions. Photographers may not keep the originals or copies of photos taken in our programs without specific permission.


Toy Washing Team

Serve 1-2 times a month, usually on Monday morning, putting toys through the dishwasher and wiping down toys and equipment that are too large or not dishwasher safe.

Playgroup Set Up / Clean Up Crew

Serve 1-2 times a month on Playgroup Monday’s. Arrive by 8:30am to move toys/ furnishings into the gym. Return at 11:00am to wash toys/furnishings and put them away.
Note: Some lifting is required.

Playgroup – Friendship Team

Serve 1-2 times a month on Playgroup Monday’s. 9:00-11:30am.

Focus on building relationships with the parents and caregivers who attend with their children. Be prepared to share your faith with them, and to encourage them in their spiritual journey and parenting.

Family Feast – Kitchen Team

Assist with kitchen duties during Family Feasts.

Family Feast – Friendship Team

Focus on building relationships with the parents who attend with their children. Be prepared to share your faith with them, and to encourage them in their spiritual journey and parenting.

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