About our Global Influencers

Globalization has brought the world to our doorstep, and it has shortened the time and distance between us and our global neighbors. The privilege of global travel and communication has given Canadians options to enter the world’s story in new and intimate ways. This has opened up a whole new opportunity for us to develop a new kind of missionary….people who live and work right here in London yet who embrace a calling from God to be sent out into the world to address a global challenge with their vocation or the unique capacity God has given them through their specific story. We call this new breed of missionary Influencers and we want to invite you to consider becoming one.

Influencers are people who commit to regular face to face relationship building somewhere in the world where God is longing to see change happen. Influencers focus their learning, prayer, relationship building and discernment on behalf of one people and/or one cause. They take up the mantle of the missionary and enter into the world in a spirit of humility, knowing that they have as much to learn as they do to give. Read the stories of North Park’s Influencers and consider joining us.

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Meet our Global Influencers

Read the incredible stories of the people God is using in faraway places.

Matt & Jan Eckert

Since 2014, Matt and Jan Eckert have been developing relationships with City Church in Lithuania—a country that continues to rebuild after decades of community rule.

Peter & Loan Chann

The Channs and their sons, Michael and David, spent time in Cambodia in 2018 and are considering how God would use them as Influencers there in the future.

Rod & Lou Sheil

Rod and Lou Sheil are exploring how God would use them in Belize to connect with, encourage and bless families at Belmopan, Ladyville and Trinidad Village.

Ron Burdock & Donna Ballantine

Ron Burdock recently stepped into the role of North Park’s Global Mentor. Together with his wife Donna, they continue to make a difference here in London and around the world.

Kathie Cowie

Kathie has been working as an Influencer in Vietnam hospitals for decades. Hear more about her journey below.