IJM Chiang Mai Team

For seven years, North Park has been the lead partner for International Justice Mission in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Under the leadership of Field Office Director Khem Saksakamunghkon, the office in Chiang Mai focuses on two important causes; Citizenship Rights and Child Sexual Assault.  We deploy people from North Park who engage in peer support mode to strengthen the team in Chiang Mai, as well as grow our own awareness of the critical need for justice around the world.

Opportunities exist to engage globally as an Intern or Fellow with IJM Chiang Mai.

Opportunities exist to engage locally as a member of the IJM Chiang Mai Team at North Park.

Contact Karen Groeneweg, team leader for more details.

Meetee was 49 years old when her application for Thai citizenship was initially approved, but her ID card, her proof of citizenship, never arrived. Because of this, she was not able to go to school and has never learned to speak, read or write Thai. Unable to communicate with the world outside of her Akha speaking village, including those who worked at the government office, Meetee has been highly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

That was more than 30 years ago.

Read Meetee’s story here and let it change your heart and prayers for the stateless living in Thailand.