NEW! High School Co-op


Dates to be determined

9:00–11:30 am

Grades 11-12

Embrace Your Christian Faith

How do we become like Christ? Join us as we learn who God is – the God that Jesus revealed – and engage with spiritual disciplines to build them into our own lives so we may be transformed in his image.  We will practice scripture study and memorization, prayer, worship and gratitude, fasting, silence, service, and self-reflection.

Establish Personal Life Skills Friday morning interactive learning

You and the World: Habitudes, Goal Setting, Finances, Time Management, Life Skills, Outreach

You and Yourself: Taking Care of your Health, Healthy Social Media Habits, Healthy Relationships, Understanding Mental Health

Engage Practically in Ministry Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Choose from: children, youth, worship, administration, facilities, outreach at 1750 Huron St.

(There will be opportunities to engage in some evening and weekend ministry as a substitute for weekday hours.)

Apply at northpark.ca/register.