Hands of Hope supports missions at home and around the world by sewing, knitting and collecting items to be distributed to those in need. In 2017, the Hands of Hope leader Anne Robertson visited Faith’s Orphans in Zambia, Africa, gaining a new understanding of how to better serve them.

About Hands of Hope

When we meet
We meet the first Monday of every month in room 140 from 1:00-3:30pm.

Who can join
No sewing ability is required to attend; not all project steps require sewing skills. The afternoon also consists of great fellowship while we work away. If you prefer, you can work from home on many projects. Come visit us to learn more about what we do. If you can’t stay all afternoon, stay as long as you can.

Items we sew and knit
  • Dresses, long and short skirts, shorts, scrub shirts, school bags, feminine hygiene kits, and pullover sweaters for Faith’s Orphanage in Zambia
  • Hats and mitts for children for Mission Services of London

Item we collect
  • School supplies for the orphans in Zambia (especially metal case mathematical sets)
  • Postage stamps from letters for Effect Hope (The Leprosy Mission Canada)
  • The fronts of Christmas cards to create handmade books for adults and children that are placed in church's Christmas hampers

Items we put together
  • Sewing kits (distributed by Mission Services)
  • Felt books with the salvation message to go where needed
  • Bandages from old sheets to be used in Zambia, Africa
  • Feminine hygiene kits so the girls from Faith's Orphanage can attend school full time

Faith Orphange's Presentation Video

On June 6, 2022, we had the opportunity to hear from Faith about the work of Faith Orphanage in Zambia, where many of the items put together by Hands of Hope go. Please click on the video above to watch the presentation.