Construction began on the CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere, in the winter of 1973. The first step was to remove over 56,000 tons of earth and shale to a depth of over 15 metres. The foundation consisted of 7,000 cubic metres of concrete, 450 tons of rebar and 36 tons of steel cable built to a thickness of 7 metres. All to support a tower jutting out of the ground 550 metres into the sky. It was a massive undertaking but 45 years later, the CN Tower remains solid and sure, a testament to architectural ingenuity.

Foundations are important. A firm foundation provides a stable base for something worthwhile to be constructed. A shaky foundation leads to instability which compromises the overall project. A visit to a certain tourist site in Pisa, Italy demonstrates the havoc that can be caused when a tower is built on a faulty foundation.

In the gospel of Matthew in the Bible, Jesus spoke about foundations. He stated that a life devoted to him and his teachings is akin to building on a firm foundation. The inevitable trials of life can come our way, but we will be able to sustain them when Jesus is our foundation. When he is not, our life is built on an uncertain base and when trials come our way, we will crumble.

This fall in our weekend services at North Park, we are going to explore this concept of foundations a little further. We are going to determine what is core to our Christian faith and what we deem to be imperative at North Park for vibrant, solid growth to occur in our lives as followers of Jesus.