Who’s My Neighbour? Living  Loving in a Complicated World.

October-November 2021

In the gospel of Luke, a lawyer asks Jesus what he needs to do to inherit eternal life. He knows that he must follow the Jewish law that includes loving his neighbour as himself so he genuinely wants to know, “Who is my neighbour?” Jesus responds with a story of the Good Samaritan which has become well known in both religious and secular circles through the ages.

The premise of this parable is that a Jewish man is attacked and left for dead at the side of the road but the people we would most expect to help him, pass him by. It is the unexpected person, a Samaritan, who tends to and cares for the victim. At the conclusion of the story, Jesus asks the lawyer which person acted like a neighbour to this man. The lawyer responds, “The one who showed him mercy.” Jesus affirms his answer and calls him to go and do the same. Each person he interacts with is his neighbour and he is to show mercy to them all.

What does that look like for those who follow Jesus, today? Who is our neighbour and how do we extend mercy and grace to them in our increasingly complex world? Our North Park Fanshawe preaching series, Who’s My Neighbour. Living Loving in a Complicated World, will challenge us in the way we are to engage with those who God brings into our lives each day.