Ethos—Our Church, Our Culture and Our Community.

We are all familiar with television, magazine or social media advertisements that feature a well-known personality or celebrity in the role of a salesperson. They put their star power behind the endorsement in an attempt to make the audience feel that the product is reliable, credible and worth purchasing. In the advertising world, this is called Ethos.

Ethos is a Greek word which translated means, “moral character.” The idea of ethos as a means of persuasion was first conceived by Greek philosopher Aristotle over 2000 years ago but we have come to use ethos as something that denotes the disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, corporation, culture, or movement.

At North Park Church, we have a mission and vision but we also have six core values. These values are what support the vision, shape the culture, guide our beliefs and reflect what our faith community deems as important. In other words, they perpetuate our ethos. Our prayer is that as we incarnate and live out this ethos in our church, culture and community, it would be an “endorsement” of Jesus and the way of Christianity to those around us.

Join us at any of our North Park sites—Fanshawe, Huron and Stratford—this October as we launch a message series based on our six core values entitled, Ethos—Our Church, Our Culture, Our Community.

On the video below, our pastors talk about how this series will play out.