Current  Sermon Series - North Park Fanshawe

In The Moment
Decisions that change our lives forever.

Throughout our lives, we are faced with decisions that could potentially have huge ramifications. Where we live, what church community to commit to, where we go to school, what job we accept and who we choose to marry, are examples of these types of choices. We may ponder and pray about these things for months but eventually a decision has to be made, In The Moment.  

Life is full of defining moments. Like landmarks that dot the route of a destination on Google Maps, these moments mark key points along our journey of life. A defining moment occurs when we are confronted with a situation or circumstance that has the potential to impact the way we live. It demands we make a decision that, regardless of the choice we make, will change us forever.

The Bible is filled with examples of people who find themselves at an impasse and are compelled to make a decision. With the enemy close at his heels and nothing but the Red Sea in front of him, Moses had to make a choice. Did he trust that God would save them if he took the people through the water? When the rich, young ruler encountered Jesus face to face, he was left with a decision to make. Would he sell everything he owned and follow Jesus or turn away and go back to the life he knew? The consequences of these choices, in the moment, sometimes drew these people closer to God and sometimes moved them farther away.

This summer at North Park, we are going to examine some of these In The Moment examples from scripture and be challenged in the way that we make life-altering decisions. Our prayer is that they become defining moments that change our lives forever by drawing us closer to Jesus.