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We would love to welcome you onsite for our Sunday service at 9:00am or at 11:00am.
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If you're not comfortable to attend onsite or maybe missed a Sunday,  we livestream our 11:00am Sunday service on YouTube (youtube.com/northparkfanshawe). Join us online each week as we worship, celebrate and hear from God's word together. You are also welcome to participate in our online chat.


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Current Sermon Series

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines transformation as a complete or major change in someone or something’s appearance or form. People often use the word transformation when talking about the renovation of a house or when someone has a makeover. The house or person undergoes a major change and often times, ends up looking different.

Even in church circles, we have come to think that transformation for Christians means that we improve ourselves or our behaviour so we appear more like Jesus. The biblical meaning of transformation actually is about how the Spirit of God can work both from the outside and the inside, changing us into the new creations He desires us to be.

The Spirit’s work in transforming our lives doesn’t merely make us better people. It changes the way we think and view things, our attitude and feelings about people, and the decisions we make so we gradually have the mind of Christ. We are conformed into his image and that is a lifelong process.

 Throughout this series, we will be challenged and encouraged in the way that the Spirit’s work in transforming our lives gives us power and wisdom to live in and for Jesus, each day.    

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