God has used DivorceCare powerfully in my life even though I joined part way through. I was reluctant to go because I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect – but I’m glad I went. The videos were excellent and along with the study answered many questions for me and challenged me to grow. The leaders were so helpful and encouraging. Being with others who have been through this, or are going through this was extremely helpful to me. DivorceCare has been a blessing and a big part of my healing journey.” – Alysia

Separation and divorce are among life’s most difficult and painful experiences, and a marriage breakdown brings with it a wealth of hurt, confusion, loneliness, and grief. But there is hope! DivorceCare is a group elective that is led by those who have been through it, and know first hand both the pain and challenge that separation and divorce bring, as well as the hope and joy that can be found, even in the midst of such a painful season. This 13 week elective is hosted at North Park twice per year, and provides participants with a “support team” as they deal with the issues surrounding their separation or divorce. The study videos feature comments from top experts on divorce and recovery topics. Each week also provides opportunities to share, and to receive prayer for the challenges ahead.

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I enjoyed going to the DivorceCare program because the support I received was so positive. The chats we had about our personal lives made it easier for me to understand the issues I was going through. The Bible Study and talks of support were of great comfort. When I started in September I could barely share my story without shedding a lot of tears and yet by week #12 I was feeling more comfortable with my life. The group support leaders were all very good and helped me through as well as the others that attended. I hope everyone felt as much comfort as I did by the 2nd last week. I felt like our small group was Family. I pray for my new found friends each night as well as myself to get through the following days. Prayer does work.

DivorceCare has been an integral part of my healing process; I recommend it to anyone going through this unbelievably difficult time. It truly helps! I looked forward to it every week and will likely attend the next session.

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