At North Park we want to be a good and loving neighbour to the communities of Northeast London. This means serving families and individuals in many diverse ways, using our collective resources, skills and energy. Whether it is a newcomer to Canada learning to navigate life in a strange new city, a child needing an after school program, or a family looking for a garden to grow their own vegetables, our church can participate in making our communities stronger and healthier.

By participating in the daily activities and life of our city, there are a multitude of ways to serve. Listed on the sidebar are some of the different ministries that North Park currently has running outside of the church building.  While each has a different focus, they are all done in the name of Jesus seeking to see everyone in a right relationship with their neighbour and to know our loving Saviour. It is through the people of North Park volunteering their gifts and talents that we are able to make a difference in London.