At North Park, we love to assist people on their journey of faith as they express their commitment to Jesus by being baptized in water. We also realize that for many people, the concept of water baptism is often mysterious and filled with questions.

We practice adult baptism through immersion in water. Once a person has made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, we believe they are ready to take this next important step.

We offer baptismal weekends twice per year, once in October and once in April.  To help people feel more comfortable, we offer baptism classes several times a year to walk people through the biblical and practical aspects of being baptized in water.

For more information concerning these classes, please contact Tom at He would love to speak with you and walk you through this very exciting part of the Christian journey!

Attending one of these baptismal classes is required in order to participate in the baptismal weekend.

We would love to walk with you and celebrate with you as you express your commitment to Christ through water baptism!