Summer is an exciting time, with a break from school and beautiful weather to enjoy time outdoors. But just because school is out, doesn’t mean Sunday mornings stop too. You won’t want to miss the Integrity series, complete with science labs, sports with professional athletes, and fire trucks, so much more.

June 25

  • Art Workshop
  • Today you are an artist. Grab a paintbrush and canvas, and paint your favourite memory verse – just like the ones on our wall

July 2

  • Integrity → Honesty
  • You know what they say, honesty is the best policy. In all honesty, many people don’t like spiders, but they are going to teach us a valuable lesson. (We promise, there will be no live spiders).

July 9

  • Integrity → Self-Control
  • Welcome to the zoo, where we’ll look at animal behaviour as they prey for their food, and how that ties into our lives

July 16

  • Integrity → Perseverance
  • Athletes really understand the value of perseverance. Join us as some professional athletes will come in to share about their experience persevering as athletes, and how that ties in with their faith. Then get your game on as we play a sport with them.

July 23

  • Integrity → Stewardship
  • We are called to be generous with the things God has given us. We’ll get our acting on as we explore a story from the Bible that explains this idea.

July 30

  • Integrity → Humility
  • Tithing Week
  • This week, your challenge if you choose to accept it, is to conquer the ultimate obstacle course to illustrate pride vs humility. This week is also a tithing week as a response to our generosity lesson the week before.  

August 6

  • Integrity → Compassion
  • It’s a morning of science, something you won’t want to miss. Our science lab will explain how God empowers us to live compassionately, even when there are differences. We will learn to embrace what we may perceive to be different.

August 13

  • Integrity → Forgiveness
  • God’s forgiveness is like a fountain – maybe like a chocolate fountain. Let’s indulge in fruit and chocolate while we talk about God’s overflowing forgiveness for us, and how we need to forgive others.

August 20

  • Integrity → Righteousness
  • Don’t be alarmed when you see a fire truck on site. We’re going to learn all about how firefighters have rules and equipment to prepare them to fight battles, just like God equips us to be righteous warriors.

August 27

  • Integrity → Identity
  • Today we are detectives, trying to help out someone with an identity crisis. Can you help? Meet us at CSI Headquarters (room 142) bright and early on August 27.

September 3

  • Fruit Party
  • All summer we’ve been learning about the good fruit we grow when we’re connected to God’s vine. As we enjoy a delicious fruit salad, we will review all the awesome things we’ve learned over the summer.