At North Park, we believe that Christian discipleship is enhanced exponentially when one is participating in a small group environment. Listed below are all the life and community groups that currently are seeking others to join their caring and challenging communities.

For more information on these groups, please directly contact the leaders with the contact information provided. For general information on small groups, please contact Shane Simms, our Pastor of Adult Discipleship.

  • North London Community Group

    This new cross-generational Community Group is open to Christians and seekers, focusing on spiritual growth and discipleship. Using video series drawn from RightNow Media, we will explore how to translate biblical teaching into everyday Christian living.  Time each night will be set aside for discussion and prayer.

    This group can facilitate up to 24 cross-generational participants. The group expects to continue meeting for a two-year period.

    Group Meeting Schedule: This group will meet twice per month, every 1st and 3rd Monday night from 7:00-9:00pm. The meeting location will be at the Klassen and Laird homes, which are located in North London near Masonville Mall.

    Group Leaders & Contact:
    Rob & Lorraine Klassen
    Dale & Katherine Laird Dale.Laird

  • Couple’s Life Group

    This group is composed of couples who are 50+. At this point, they would love to welcome another two 50+ couples to join this caring and challenging community.

    Group Meeting Schedule: This group will meet bi-weekly on Tuesdays in Northeast London. 

    Group Leaders & Contact:
    Rob and Joyce Perry

  • Young Families Life Group

    This is a new group for parents of young children who are looking for a maximum of 3 couples to join them. This group will focus on issues unique to parents with young children, as well as engaging in various studies based on the group’s collective interests.

    Group Meeting Schedule: This group will meet weekly on Monday evenings in Northwest London.

    Group Leaders & Contact:
    Fred & Trudy Devries
    Mike & Jacqueline Gordon

  • Northeast London Community Group

    This new community group invites people from all generations to participate. Whether you are a student, young professional, married, single, middle aged or senior, this community group welcomes you!

    This group will incorporate a blend of prayer, study, friendship and service as a multi-faceted approach to growing in faith together. This group just began a video based series by Francis Chan, called “Forgotten God”. In this study, Francis Chan contends that we’ve ignored the Spirit for far too long, and that without Him, we operate in our own strength, only accomplishing human-sized results. It’s time for the beloved church of Jesus Christ to reverse the trend of neglect. Let’s pursue the Spirit-filled life of effectiveness God desires and we desire.

    Over the course of time, the group will discuss and pray about the nature of where and how we will practically serve the city and/or the church together.

    Group Meeting Schedule: This group will meet the second and last Thursday of each month from 7:00-8:30pm, at a home near Masonville mall in Northeast London.

    Group Leaders & Contact:
    Kang & Sharon Howson-Jan
    Shane & Yvonne Simms

  • Northeast London Young Adults Community Group

    We know from Proverbs 8:1-4 that wisdom calls out to us, but so does folly (Proverbs 9:13-15). Their methods of communication are similar, they sit in public places shouting their advice to all who will listen.  When we are inclined toward God – love Him and want to do His will – we will hear the voice of wisdom and respond.  Those who have little depth and no desire for God – who can’t see beyond themselves and the present moment – will hear the voice of folly and respond.  Two voices, two kinds of hearts, as a result, two drastically different journeys. Join us Sunday evenings in community and conversation to journey together and learn which voice to choose to trust!

    Group Meeting Schedule: Sundays, 7:00-9:00pm at the home of Dennis and Debbie Ensing in Northeast London.

    Group Leaders & Contact:
    Dennis & Debbie Ensing
    North Park’s Young Adult Facebook Page at

  • Neighbourhood Life Group

    “Building Bridges in Your Neighbourhood”. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbours. Connecting with your neighbour requires bridges to be built. Bridges require a solid foundation, a set of plans and time to construct a bridge. You also need the right tools to complete those bridges. Do you want to learn how to build those bridges for the Kingdom of God in your neighbourhood? Come together bi-weekly with others from Northwest London who want to learn and become bridge builders for Jesus and be His presence in your neighbourhood.

    Group Meeting Schedule: This group will be a bi-weekly group that will meet on Mondays in Northwest London.

    Group Leaders & Contact:
    Dennis Funk
    Doug & Pat Stanlake

  • North London Life Group

    This life group is composed of people middle aged and over who have a desire to explore New Testament books with the intent of understanding and applying biblical principles to their lives. The study includes a time of sharing family news, Bible studies, and a snack time together. Each group member is encouraged to read and comment on what is meant by the verses being read. Even though there are often different viewpoints, with the addition of various study resources we find help in our understanding.

    Group Meeting Schedule: This group meets at a home in Northcentral London on every second Thursday.

    Group Leader and Contact:
    Ron Pearce