Small Groups at North Park

Our desire and goal is for everyone to be known in a community of people.

We encourage many different types of small groups, including the following:
1) Triads – these groups are comprised of three people. The groups are gender specific, allow for deep accountable relationships, and are quite simple to lead. We have some great curriculum options for these groups.

2) Life Groups – these are “typical” groups that have been developing in churches over the past 30 years (also called cell groups, small groups, home groups). They are generally made up of 8-12 people, usually of the same demographic, and are closed to others joining the group once they reach their desired size.

3) Community Groups – these groups are intended to facilitate attendance of up to 25 people. They will encourage multiple generations to gather, they will be co-led by leaders from different generations, and they will provide new people a safe place to step into small group life with a lower level of commitment if they so desire, allowing them to observe what it might be like. They will be in a safe place to “test the waters”.

How can you connect?
1) We currently have listed all of our small groups which have availability.  This list is on our website at This listing will give full details regarding group focus, place/time of meeting, and an email address where you can contact the leaders directly.

2) We are having ongoing conversations with those that we believe can and should be leading a small community. We believe that many at North Park are ready to take this next step and perhaps are simply waiting to be asked – we’ll be asking:)

3) Is leading a small group your next step? Are you leading at work? At school?  Have you led groups before? Perhaps this is your time to step into the role of leading a group as well.  Not only will you be helping others enjoy the opportunity, but your faith will grow in ways that we can’t even express.

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