A Christian marriage is a three-way commitment: both to each other, but more importantly, each person to God.  When a couple is committed to God they commit themselves to the One who will never stop loving them. The certainty of God’s love can help you gain the strength to remain committed to each other – even when you experience difficulties or challenges in your marriage.

Christ-centered marriages thrive on commitment, intimacy and growth.  As a church we are dedicated to helping couples build marriages that will stand the test of time and leave a legacy to future generations.

Pre-Marriage Counselling
At North Park we believe in marriage and want to do everything we can to support couples who are preparing for this sacred, life-long commitment.  Pre-Marriage Counselling is mandatory for all couples wishing to be married by North Park officiants. For more information on our pre-marriage counselling program, please email weddings@northpark.ca and one of our pastors would be delighted to chat with you.

Marriage Enrichment

Marriage seminars or electives are periodically offered at North Park for couples.  At times we’ve also hosted special sessions that are targeted more towards a specific area or issue within marriage (e.g., communication, sexuality, etc.).  In addition to seminars and retreats, most of our pastoral staff are trained to walk with couples during times in their marriage when enrichment and growth is needed.  For more information on our current marriage enrichment courses or events check out our Going Deeper guide.


Your wedding is a sacred occasion and we would love to assist you on this very special day.  For more information, please check our marriage guidelines or email us at weddings@northpark.ca.