What is a Small Group Leader?

A Small Group Leader is someone who intentionally builds into the spiritual lives of others, facilitates their growth and leads by example in Godly obedience and character.

Requirements of a Small Group Leader 

  • Cultivates a personal passion and love for God.
  • Agrees with North Park’s Statement of Faith.
  • Understands their gifts, passions and interests.
  • Attends leadership training (initial and ongoing).
  • Is committed to North Park’s Small Group Vision.
  • Regularly attends weekend services at North Park.

Responsibilities of a Small Group Leader 

  • Meets with their group at least twice a month.
  • Connects with group members outside of the regular group meeting to encourage them.
  • Encourages involvement in service opportunities.
  • Prays for group members regularly.
  • Attends Small Group leadership and celebration events.

Interested?  Want more information? 

Send an email to shane.simms@northpark.ca   I’d love to talk further with you.