Who is God?
In His Own Words

Exodus 34:6-7
April/May 2021 Teaching Series

The journey of self discovery is big business these days. People take retreats, hire life coaches and fill out personality assessments, all to gain a deeper understanding of who they are. The pursuit of this self knowledge frees us from living for the approval of others and gives us a stronger sense of confidence to make better decisions about what we want in life.

To understand ourselves better is one thing but, have you ever truly wondered about the character of God? Who is God? What is God actually like? Is He a vengeful God who needs to be appeased with blood sacrifices? Is He aloof, distant and rather unconcerned with the affairs of humanity? Are we willing to see God’s true character revealed to us through his own Word?

In Exodus 34:6-7, one of the most familiar passages in all of scripture, God gives a description of who He is in His own words. In these two verses, we learn that all of God’s actions are expressed in these attributes: compassion, grace, patience, loyal love and faithfulness. As we hold these two verses up to God’s work throughout the rest of the Bible, we see that God’s core character traits are all rooted in His generous mercy and abounding love.

Join us at North Park in April as we launch our spring teaching series, Who is God? In His Own Words. Each week as we examine the specific attributes of God, we will also discover how they impact who we are as His creation and the meaning and purpose He has for our lives.