Elders are tasked with the Biblical responsibility of church oversight.  This includes: Stewarding overall church direction & vision, Guiding the teaching & doctrinal emphasis, Enacting spiritual care and church discipline.  They also delegate responsibility and authority to the other leadership groups in the church, particularly the Pastoral Team and the Deacons. You can contact the Elders by emailing elders@northpark.ca.  Our NPCC Elders are:

 patrickhoefnagels_web    Patrick Hoefnagels Chair of Elder Board
dennisensing_web   Dennis Ensing Elder
chad_fairbairn_resize   Chad Fairbairn Elder
sharonhowsonjan_web   Sharon Howson-Jan Elder
tony_kamau_resize   Tony Kamau Elder
 ruth_oosterhuis_resize   Ruth Oosterhuis Elder
 allan_pike_resize   Allan Pike Elder
kenji_saito_resize   Kenji Saito Elder